Window Tinting

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Window tinting is not available via our mobile van and is drop off only.


Terraflex by Flexflim

Terraflex™ by Flexfilm is a true carbon window film that is designed to not fade or change colors, unlike dyed window film. With such a high infrared radiation rejection and ultraviolet (UV) protection, you will notice a decrease in the heat that transmits into your vehicle. Terraflex™ boasts 99.9% ultraviolet (UV) protection and up to 60% infrared radiation (IR) rejection. Best of all, Terraflex™ is manufactured with zero dye. No fade.


Quality Matters

When cutting window film, straight, precise lines are extremely important. A lot of shops will cut right on the vehicle, not us. We measure the film, mark it and place it on our board. We cut against a ruler to give the straightest line while cutting.

Removing old window film is done with proper methods

Percentages from 5% - 50%

The lower the number, the less UV light allowed in through the film. The lower the number the darker the film.

*The legal allowed percentage in the State of Maryland is 35%"